2011 Ontario Liberal Party Platform

The Ontario Liberal Party platform was released today, with a press conference held at the Marriott hotel in Toronto.

Ontario Liberal Party platform

Highlights of the platform include:

“A drive to completely implement North America’s first, full-day kindergarten program by 2014, followed by provincewide after-school programs for children aged 6-12;

A new tuition grant for full-time undergraduate students from lower- and middle-income families that will save $1600 per student in university and $730 per student in college, annually.

Increasing postsecondary attainment by adding 60,000 new spaces including three new undergraduate satellite campuses;

Helping seniors stay healthy at home, with a seniors’ healthy home renovation tax credit for things like ramps and walk-in baths;
Returning house calls for the frail and elderly and providing an additional three million hours of homecare from personal support workers;

Creating 50,000 new, clean-energy jobs through Ontario’s world-leading FIT program; and

Reducing electricity bills by 10% through the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit.”

2011 OLP Platform