2012 OBA Institute

Omar Ha-Redeye chaired a luncheon for the Young Lawyers’ Division for the 2012 OBA Institute on February 10, 2012 at 12:20. The session, The 21st Century Lawyer: How to Navigate Your Career Goals was presented by Lesa Ong of NagataCONNEX Executive Legal Search and Paulette Pommells of Creative Choices for the 21st Century Lawyer,

Now more than ever, young lawyers are taking a stand! They not only want to lead more balanced lives, they also want to engage in meaningful work. Join legal career and lifestyle coach Paulette Pommells and legal recruiter Lesa Ong for a lively discussion as they introduce coaching concepts that will help steer you towards defining your ambitions. Learn to follow your personalized compass and develop career goals that are in line with your values. Discover how to break down those goals into manageable steps that will work for you at any stage of life. Be inspired, and be motivated to chart your course to an enriched career and lifestyle.

Program co-chairs are Kathryn Bortolussi of Kelly Manthrop Heaphy and Jennifer Quick of Miller Thomson.

The session was accredited by the Law Society for 1 hour of Professionalism Requirement, and 1 hour New Member Requirement.

(From Left, On Stage): Paulette Pommels, Lesa Ong, Omar Ha-Redeye