2104 UCLA Cybercrimes Moot

Omar Ha-Redeye judged the 2014 Cybercrimes Moot at UCLA in Los Angeles, California on March 14-15.

The problem for this year’s competition was as follows:

Issue One: Unauthorized Access
Whether the use of a “scraper” program that generates URLs and automatically downloads email addresses displayed on a publicly accessible website, in violation of the website’s terms of use, constitutes “unauthorized access” within the meaning of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA).


Issue Two: Warrantless Search of a Wireless Network
Whether police officers’ use of a “Shadow” device to locate an unsecured wireless network and the officers’ subsequent opening of a shared folder within that network constitutes a search within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment

Justice Omar Ha-Redeye at UCLA

Omar Ha-Redeye at the Cybercrimes Moot in Los Angeles


2014 Cybercrimes Problem

The competition was also preceded by a symposium on Edward Snowden.

UCLA Cybercrimes Symposium

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