Canadians Do Not Have Too Many Individual Legal Rights

Omar Ha-Redeye responded to a letter in the Toronto Star by James E. Agnew, which commented on a piece by Betsy Powell, Toronto Police ‘struggling’ to solve murders.

The article discussed a recent study by Tanya Trussler of the Department of Sociology at McGill University in the International Criminal Justice Review indicating a lower clearance of homicides.

Agnew claimed the reason for the lower clearnace is that Canadians have too many individual legal rights.

Omar Ha-Redeye stated,

James Agnew suggests that the enforcement of law and order take precedence over individual rights, including guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Individual rights are not an insult to police. They are a testament to the values that we expect them as servants of the public to uphold and cherish while carrying out their duties.
A police state where such rights would not exist would be a scary country indeed, more reminiscent to what we call in modern parlance a “failed state.”