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OBA Institute 2014

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke at the Ontario Bar Association’s 2014 Institute on The Life Cycle of a Law Practice. Whether you are looking to branch out on your own or you are already running a successful practice, this program offers valuable advice and strategies for managing your business through all of its

The Commons Institute - The Business of Law

Speaking on The Future of Law

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke at The Commons Institute’s conference, Ethics, Professionalism and the Business of Law on Jan. 31, 2014. The topic was ”Overhauling the Provision of Legal Services: Is The Future Friendly?” [Rule 2.01: Competence; Rule 2.02: Quality of Service] Legal process outsourcing can be a new and innovative way to manage law

OBA TECHxpo 2013

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke at the Ontario Bar Association’s 2013 TECHxpo on Monday, September 30, 2013. The Virtual Office: Strategies for Using Mobile Devices to Maximize Your Productivity You just got your new smartphone and are able to respond to your emails from anywhere and everywhere. You are more accessible than ever

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