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Paralegal Mock Trial Cup

2014 Durham Mock Trial Competition

Centennial College participated in the Paralegal Mock Trial Cup hosted by Durham College and finished in 2nd place. The participants in the team included: Anna Rudkovska Roshan Odina Adam Brooks Ilhan Mete Caitlyn Carpe Fabricio Mejia Omar Ha-Redeye and Michelle Pinto were the Centennial faculty coaches for the competition.  The winning team

international women's day

Celebrating International Women’s Day in the Legal Profession

    Excellent post! RT @OmarHaRedeye: Celebrate Women by Diversifying Teams — Niki KS (@nikidoesyoga) March 10, 2014 I agree with you Niki!: @nikidoesyoga: Excellent post! RT @OmarHaRedeye: Celebrate Women by Diversifying Teams" — Shelley C. Quinn (@TOFamilyLawyer) March 10, 2014 And other honors RT @dicthomson: And academic

Twitter Moot

2014 Twitter Moot

Omar Ha-Redeye  judgedthe 2014 Twitter Moot, hosted by West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) on Friday, February 28th, 2014 at 10am PST (1pm EST). Omar Ha-Redeye (@omarharedeye) is a Toronto lawyer focusing on health law and reputation management. who teaches at Centennial College and Ryerson University. He routinely judges moots held in real

TWU Law School

Oppose TWU’s New Law School

  Trinity Western University won’t accept gay and lesbian students. It threatens to expel students caught in “same-sex intimacy”, even if they are married to each other, because this offends its interpretation of the Bible. … To effectively oppose the accreditation of Trinity Western’s law school, we need to raise

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