Ethics Primer at King Law Chambers

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke at King Law Chambers on the Statement of Principles, including the obligations for lawyers, concerns about compelled expression, and any constitutional issues.

Chairs: Glenford Jameson, G.S. Jameson & Company

and Amanda McBride, McBride & Shields PC

Location: King Law Chambers, 43 Front Street East, Suite 400, Toronto, ON


4:45 pm– Registration and Introduction to panel of speakers

5:00 pm– Omar Ha-Redeye: “Creating a Statement of PrinciplesA review of the recommendations adopted by the Law Society

5:45 p.m. Kristine J. Anderson and Alexander Turner, Bales Beall LLP: “Legal Ethics when taking instructions from your clients: Navigating Choppy Waters with Integrity

6:15 pm- Ryan Handlarski, RH Criminal Defence, Margaret Bramhill, KBA Law and Sherif Foda, Bottomley Barristers: “Can there be too much civility?Your duties as an officer of the court”

7:00 pm- Networking Break

7:10 pm– Catie A. Fenn, Brown & Burnes: “Can we all get along? How to deal with Difficult Clients”

7:40 pm- Amanda McBride, McBride & Shields PC: “You’re out of Order! Why the TV lawyer approach should be avoided at all costs.”

8:10 pm- Sanjay Kutty, Spark LLP: “A primer on technology: the dangers of pressing send too quickly”

8:30 pm– Conclusion of program and Reception


The talk has been approved for 1 hours and 15 minutes of Professionalism Content.


See his paper on the subject here.