Interview with uLawPractice Blog

Omar Ha-Redeye was interviewed by the ULawPractice Blog on the formal recognition by the Law Society of Ontario that paralegals are “officers of the court,”

Omar Ha-Redeye, a Toronto-based legal educator, has for several years been hot on the trail regarding the standing of paralegals as officers of the court. He points to the fact legal monitors and the “Sherriff of the County of Carleton” are also officers of the court and the title is far from being limited merely to lawyers; and as a result, paralegals ought to have been incorporated into the mix years ago.

In a telephone interview with uLaw, Ha-Redeye said he doesn’t expect much to change overnight as a result of paralegals becoming officers of the court. He did indicate colleges might feel the pressure to make sure graduates are prepared for their obligations to clients and the courts they serve once they enter the profession.