Law Times on Clerks Arbitrarion

Omar Ha-Redeye was interviewed by Marg. Bruineman in the Law Times on the Management Board of Cabinet v Association of Law Officers of the Crown arbitration decision:

Omar Ha-Redeye, co-chairman of the Ontario Bar Association’s young lawyers division, says the situation for clerks whose terms of employment prevented their call to the bar would have had further consequences.

He refers to the notion of chronocracy in the legal profession under which time is a valuable element “because there’s so much emphasis on your year of call.”
“This is something that has serious repercussions,” he notes.

The one-year delay has an impact on job prospects, according to Ha-Redeye, because the profession can view it as the equivalent of holding someone back a year in school.

He adds the delay could have an impact on the individual’s practice since the court awards costs on a sliding scale  depending upon the lawyer’s years of experience.

“There’s a lot of things that are hinging on that year of call,” says Ha-Redeye.
Now, however, things have changed for the clerks.