Limmud FSU 2017 “Horizons” weekend conference

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke at the Limmud FSU 2017 “Horizons” weekend conference, from Friday, 24th of March – Sunday, 26th of March, 2017 at the Blue Mountain Resort.

About Limmud FSU:

Limmud FSU brings together and empowers young Jewish adults who are revitalizing Jewish communities and culture in the countries of the Former Soviet Union, as well as in countries around the world with a large Russian-speaking population.

The talks focused on utilizing the rule of law to address terrorism, and how Canadian laws can be used to fight hate speech and Holocaust denial.

Omar Ha-Redeye speaks to 2017 Limmud FSU on hate speech and holocaust denial.

Omar Ha-Redeye speaks to Limmud FSU on non-military solutions to terrorism.


Full conference agenda is available here.