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Battling Court Gridlock with Tech

From the July 19, 2013 edition of The Lawyers Weekly: …Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye is general manager of My Support Calculator, which offers a free spousal support calculation. “Before this website was launched, there was no way for the public to do this,” Ha-Redeye says. “The spousal support advisory guidelines

2012 Law Tech Camp

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke at the 2012 Law Tech Camp on May 12, 2012, with Garry Wise, Mitch Kowalski, and Bob Tarantino. See here for an overview of the program. Sponsors of the event include the Centre for Innovation Law and Policy, Lawyer Locate, and My Support Calculator.

Blawger Meetup

Roll Call (on Left): Jessica Gonzalez Omar Ha-Redeye of Fleet Street Law and My Support Calculator  Joshua Slayen of Legal Linkup Simon Fodden of Slaw Michael Carabash of Dynamic Lawyers Colin Lachance of CanLII (on Right): Mark Robins of Lawyer Locate Chris Jaglowitz of Gardiner Miller Arnold Pei Shing Wang

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