The Lawyers Daily on LCO Study

Tom Venetis of The Lawyers Daily interviewed Omar Ha-Redeye on his new study through the Law Commission of Ontario, with Ruby Latif and Dr. Kashif Pirzada, on Integrating Religious and Cultural Supports into Quality Care in the Last Stages of Life in Ontario,

Ha-Redeye said the goal is to provide guidance to lawyers and in-house counsel in care facilities so as to provide them with clarity about a person’s rights to access faith and spiritual practices in health care settings under the Charter to Ontario’s Human Rights Code and under various professional practice directives.

“You don’t want people or institutions to be trying to sort this out at the last minute,” added Ha-Redeye. “What we want to see are hospitals and other health care providers to work with lawyers to create processes and accommodations that take end of life issues into account and to be culturally sensitive.”

The full interview is available here.