Virtual & Dispersed Legal Service Models

Omar Ha-Redeye spoke on professional conduct and lawyering online at the Virtual & Dispersed Legal Service Models conference on November 27, 2012.

Electronic technology is now easily available as a “force multiplier” for legal practitioners, enabling new approaches to the provision of legal services. Regardless of the size of practice, the contemporary practitioner cannot afford to be without some basic elements of an eCommerce strategy. Further, for those interested in a fulsome approach to service delivery premised on eCommerce, it is important to fully understand and meaningfully consider virtual law practice and dispersed law practice options, and also, it is important that key questions of compliance and risk minimization be adequately addressed. Over the course of this information-packed one-day conference, our expert faculty will provide overviews, tools and analyses regarding virtual and dispersed legal services options, as well as the requisite steps that can turn those options into reality.

Other speakers include: Samantha Ferguson, Joe Milstone, Connie Crosby, and Gary Mitchell.

The program is accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada for 4.50 Professionalism Hours and is eligible for 3.00 CPD Substantive Hours.


Omar Ha-Redeye talking about new legal marketing and discussing the Personal Injury Alliance (PIA).