Will Law Students be Guinea Pigs for New Legal Practice Program?

Heather Gardiner of Canadian Lawyer 4 Students covered the November Convocation which approved the Legal Practice Program, and quoted Omar Ha-Redeye on the inequities in the articling system.

The articling process is worsened for those from equity-seeking groups, said Bencher Raj Anand.

Candidates who go through the National Committee on Accreditation are the most racialized group, he said, and since they lack social ties to Ontario, they have the most difficulty finding articling positions.

Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye wholeheartedly agreed with this sentiment.

“My point — yes, it’s largely socioeconomic barriers for articling. I know hundreds who secured positions because of family connections,” he tweeted.

While a vigorous debate took place among the benchers, once again there was a flurry of simultaneous online chatting with more than 500 viewers tuning in to the law society’s webcast.